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designing beyond limits since 1997 to make your day to day better for work and play!


We have a passion for making the impossible possible! BlueSky Designs develops products that make it easier for people to do what they want to do—whether they have a disability, are aging, or just want to do something without hurting. We design innovative, truly accessible solutions by applying ergonomics and universal design principles to problems of significance.


People are at the center of everything we do. First are the people we design for—typically people with disabilities; followed by family members, therapists and service providers. Secondly, our brilliant team—dedicated to excellence in design and service. Finally, our extended team— a talented cadre of consultants, and staff at organizations we collaborate with and the agencies that support our work.


We take the time to really understand a problem, assess the shortcomings of existing products and approaches, and to consider solutions from the possibilities. The client is always at the center as we develop and test solutions. Our team uses various tools and methods to ideate, develop prototypes, and test designs. Ultimately, it is designed to be produced in a cost-effective way—accessible for those who need it most.


We develop products to make a difference. They change what is possible, and expand a person’s scope of life. It’s not about the big bucks or “the thing”—it’s about what a person can do, now that they have this product. We aim to develop products that are truly accessible, highly functional, that feel good and look good—they don’t look “handicapped”, and that surprise and delight. We want our customers to say, “This thing is magic!”—and they do!

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