We are a small business focused on developing products that make it easier for people to do what they want to do. We “design beyond the limits” of today’s technology, the environment, or a person’s physical or cognitive abilities.

Our expertise is designing for people with disabilities. Our roots are in Rehabilitation Engineering, where we developed custom solutions for many individuals. This one-on-one experience of starting with someone’s goal “What do you want to do?”, looking at their abilities, and figuring out a way for them to do it laid the foundation of our design approach.

When we design, we’ve got hundreds of people “in our mind’s eye”, and we involve even more in the process.

Our Company Mission

BlueSky Designs applies ergonomics and universal design to develop products that address the needs of people with and without disabilities — at work, at play, and at home. We design equipment to fit the person and the task, reducing physical demands. The resulting products make activities easier for and more accessible to everyone.

A Team Approach

BSD team
No one person or organization can do or know everything. We believe strongly in collaborating with others. In the design of new products, we involve people with disabilities, their families, therapists, rehab engineers and AT specialists to make sure we understand their needs and the product works for them. In manufacturing products, we team up with our vendors so they can help us design the best parts, and they understand what we need — how that part fits with other parts, and how our end-users interact with it. In selling and distributing our products, we support our Resellers so they can better understand and support their customers.


The person who actually uses our products is our #1 expert. That’s why we involve them in the design process — asking for input and feedback, so we can get it right the first time. Those who purchase and use our products put the product through many hours of use, and it is often their feedback and requests that help us come up with enhancements, improvements and new product ideas.

Idea Development Studio

We are a small business with a focus on developing products that can help people “do what they want to do”. Our roots are in providing custom designs to individuals with disabilities, and it was through this experience that we recognized the need for improved mounting technology. Custom designs can be costly and only affect one person at a time.

In 2002, Blue Sky Designs began to focus on product development. By developing commercially-available products, we benefit many more people than we could ever reach through custom designs. The result is more affordable, available, and functional technology for everyone. The next step was developing products to the point of production.

Getting Products out into the World

Initially, we approached manufacturing partners and licensed our inventions to them. In 2007, we decided to take control of the end result: we began to produce the Mount’n Mover so we could better control the quality, make sure people knew about the product, and offer our customers the level of support we wanted them to have.

Universal Design

As we develop products, we consider other applications and uses for it. The Assistive Technology market is very much a niche market, and will remain our primary focus.

In the future, we may be looking towards mainstream uses. Designing products so they are easier to use by a broader segment of the population would expand our market potential significantly.

Bluesky Design team