The Path that Led to a Bluesky…


In the late 70’s, Di Goodwin led groups through woods and wetlands and taught cross-country skiing, backpacking and heritage crafts, like applehead dolls, candle-making and tin-smithing.

Drafter at Tonka Toys

At Tonka, she got her feet wet in design for manufacturing, drafting detailed drawings on the drawing board, and dabbling in sculptural design.

Recreation Therapist

Off and on, she led teens in outdoor recreation–camping, canoeing, swimming and rock climbing–some had disabilities, others were chemically dependent or in trouble with the courts.

Rehab Engineer

In 1984, she entered the field of Rehab Engineering–combining design with working with people with disabilities. She did an apprenticeship at the University of Virginia, an internship at Beneficial Designs, and went on to work at Gillette Children’s Hospital and Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, providing rehab engineering services and custom solutions to individuals with disabilities. Areas of specialization included mounting to wheelchairs, access for communication and powered mobility and job accommodations.

Product Designer at AbleNet

Interested in impacting more people, Dianne took a job at AbleNet. She was a Product Engineer/Project Manager and was responsible for the Specs Switch, All-Turn-It Spinner and Games, and a one button TV and VCR Remote.

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