Betsy Von Duyke

At BlueSky Designs Betsy enjoys using her skills in many areas including: graphics for web and marketing materials, fabricating custom products, quality control, assembly and repairs, CAD design, web and app design, technical instructions and illustrations, and anything else a team member or customer needs a hand with. Betsy enjoys the team approach to problem solving at BlueSky Designs, the daily challenges and the focus of the company and its employees… helping people.

Betsy has been in the product design field for the past 25 years. Through her experiences working at four product development companies she developed a wide range of skills. These include: sculpting (clay/wax/wood), model making (paper architectural/plastic prototypes), rapid prototyping (3Dsystems/Stratasys/Zcorp), silicon and plaster molding/casting, product finishing, color mixing/matching, machining (mill/lathe), computer design (FreeForm 3D sculpting/Solidworks/Composer), graphics (Adobe suite), technical illustration and instruction, custom fabrication, and app and web design. Betsy has degrees in Art Education and Medical Assisting.

More about Betsy:

  • Keeps busy with her two teenage daughters
  • Loves to be outside gardening, fishing, camping, hiking, exploring, grilling, campfires, cross-country skiing, snow sculpting, kayaking and canoeing.
  • Volunteers at school carnival, community garden, chaperone, assisted living community
  • Enjoys creating via woodworking, clay, twigs, mosaic, home improvement, outdoor structures, and cooking.

She loves adventures:

  • Lived for two weeks with Chukchi reindeer herders in Siberia
  • Camped for a week in the BWCA at 40° below zero
  • Explored miles of rivers in Minnesota and Wisconsin via canoe
  • Snow sculpting at Ely Winter Festival for 23 years