NIH SBIR Phase 2 (2005-07) Accessible Mounting

  1. Find out more about the need
  2. Review Existing Technology
  3. Concept Generation
  4. Input and Feedback
  5. Design Development
    1. Prototype
    2. Mechanism Design: Develop and Validate
    3. SolidWorks 3D printing
    4. Physical Models
    5. 3D Printed Parts
    6. Functional Models
  6. Mechanism Design
  7. Design Iterations
  8. Lever Concepts
  9. Testing with end users and Therapists
  10. Show it to people in the field
    1. Manufacturers
    2. Practitioners
  11. Design for Manufacturing

NIH NIHCD SBIR Phase 2 (2013-) Smart Mount

Testing with End Users and Therapists

  1. Early Stage
    1. Test lever release to give feedback on effort required
    2. Test tilt adjustable tray, modified form existing car mount
  2. Field Testing
    1. Gae tests a prototype for two years
  3. Usability Testing
    1. How easy is it to figure out how it works and how to set lock positions