Marty Stone

In addition to working for BlueSky Designs as an engineer on special projects, Marty is the President and janitor-elect of the company Assistive Technology Engineer and Consultation (ATEC) inc. he owns with his wife, Amy Stone.


Marty went to the University of Wisconsin-Stout for physics, electronics and math. He graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering.

Work Experience

Marty worked in industry as a manager for several years. He then worked at Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare where he met Di. After then working for Ablenet for a time, Marty started his own business, ATEC in 1996.
He does everything from firmware to hardware product development while listening to Mozart or Bach. The main goal of ATEC is to make products more affordable for people who need it.

He loves watching a person’s eyes light up when they get a new product and suddenly see the possibilities.

“Technology is technology but sometimes what you’re offering is hope,” Marty is always looking forward to what comes next. Marty’s proudest achievement is “the next thing.”


Playtime doesn’t stop after work. On nice summer days, you’ll find Marty playing pontoon tag with his five children. Diving off, swimming under, climbing over and lying in wait under the pontoon keep the game exhilarating and interesting.

  • Has visited China and Guatemala
  • Spent one summer cleaning beaches so he could pay for the air to scuba dive
  • With enough free time he would spend his days scuba diving, wake-boarding, snowboarding, windsurfing, sailing
  • Loves eating fresh salads from his garden