Mary Kay Walch

Mary Kay’s background is in Occupational Therapy. Her understanding of the needs of people with disabilities, superb people skills and her passion for making a difference has made for a successful and fulfilling career in the field of Assistive Technology.

Mary Kay is BlueSky’s lead person in all things Sales and Marketing.


Mary Kay received an Associate’s Degree from St. Mary’s college in 1981. While earning her COTA degree, she did her clinical study at United Cerebral Palsy’s early childhood program. She worked with children with cerebral palsy who had physical, cognitive and communication impairments. She loved the kids and the work, the staff liked her, and she was hired after graduating.

Work Experience

The team at United Cerebral Palsy’s center was very forward-thinking and innovative. They felt the kids could do more if only they had access to activities. Mary Kay worked with Cheryl Volkman and Jackie Levin, and they teamed with Lee Hallgren, a Honeywell volunteer. Together, they developed the infamous “Big Red” switch.

United Cerebral Palsy became the non-profit AccessAbility. By 1985, when it was evident there was business potential for Big Red and the PowerLink, AbleNet was incorporated. Mary Kay was there from the beginning, sharing assistive technology solutions and developing relationships with therapists, special educators and customers across the US.

Dianne and Mary Kay’s paths first crossed when they worked together in the early to mid-90’s at AbleNet. Mary Kay says, “I’m motivated by making a difference in people’s lives, and BlueSky Designs’ quality products do just that.”

Mary Kay’s work life is not limited to the assistive technology business. Her occasional stints as an international travel coordinator allow her to visit faraway places, meet interesting people and share in some very unique experiences. She also finds reward in community work as the volunteer coordinator for a yearly charity golf tournament.


  • Makes a delightful raspberry cordial that has been savored by many
  • Life and world traveler, opts for the scenic route
  • Proud Mother of a grown son who is always on call for tech support (securing his inheritance)
  • Enjoys photography, a good poker game, and anything outdoors
  • `Credits her wacky friends and family who helped shape the person she is today