Richard Parnell

Richard lives creativity and generosity.  An Assistive Technology provider since 1999, he provided seating services and designed custom adaptations for individuals with disabilities.  He was one of professionals involved in testing Mount’n Mover prototypes before we had a product.

Richard is one of the MM builders and he helps with custom designs and brainstorming new products as well.

In addition to his work at BlueSky Desiogns. Richard works with the Minneapolis and St. Paul schools and their Assistive Technology teams.

When he’s not at BlueSky Designs:

  • he travels to other countries and provide seating services and develop the local capacity to do so.
  • Polar
  • Makes art from unusable Mount’n Mover parts
  • Habitat Ride bicycling XXX miles, and building a home
  • Cycles to work, with his bicycle adorned with feathers