Sherry Rovig

Sherry has a varied background including creating custom designs and specialized seating, developing accessible outdoor recreation technology, wilderness guiding and outdoor education. She has been designing for people with disabilities since 1988 and has provided training in wheelchair seating on a national and international level.

After working in construction and historic restoration for 10 years in the Charlottesville Virginia area, Sherry began working for Gillette Children’s Hospital while attending U of M for architecture. Her interest in designing for people with disabilities grew, and she developed her own degree in Habilitation Design. Prior to joining the BSD team in 1997, Sherry and Di worked together for 10 years at Tamarack Habilitation and Gillette Children’s Hospital in the areas of:

  • Custom Wheelchair Seating
  • Job Accommodations
  • Custom Mounting

She was certified as an ATP with RESNA, and has worked with BlueSky Designs on projects including mounting, accessible tents and a watercraft transfer device. She also volunteers designing or modifying Recreational Equipment for Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute.

Nowadays her nearly full-time job is her home up near Duluth affectionately referred to as “Camp Bark in the Dark” for her dogs that rule the northwoods property–a mix of gardens, studio, stream and forest.

Other interests and talents include:

  • Volunteer fire fighter and emergency medical responder
  • Loves to build and create snow sculptures, woodworking, stonework, writing, real food
  • Enjoys hiking, x-country skiing, snow shoeing, canoeing and camping, making music with friends
  • Volunteer Master Naturalist
  • Foraging wild foods, especially wild rice and mushrooms