All-Turn-It Spinner (AbleNet)

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Designed by Dianne while she worked at AbleNet. It was based on an idea submitted by a Special Educator, and was licensed from him.

The All-Turn-It Spinner has been called an essential addition to every school’s assistive technology center. It has been cited in many articles and presentations, including Closing the Gap, as an essential tool for inclusion.

Everyone can play–together! With the touch of a switch a person with a disability can play most board or dice games.


The All-Turn-It Spinner is a switch-activated spinner. With different overlays, it can be used to play games or allow participation in different school activities.

The sticker sets of numbers, shapes and colors and blank overlays make it possible for students to participate in classroom activities, call on their classmates, select topics for creative writing classes, colors for art projects, and numbers for math quizzes.

Fun for children and adults, and people with and without disabilities.

  • Play any game that requires one or two dice, no matter your physical ability
  • Easy to access
  • Built-in switch for activation
  • Switch jack for alternate switches
  • Inner overlay and arrow spin at different rates
  • Spinner points to inner and outer overlays, so you get unique combinations from two overlays
  • Easily change overlays–without tools
  • Overlay sets for: Dice, Golf, Bowling, Bingo, Basketball and Soccer, Letters and numbers, and Do-It-Yourself overlays
  • Built-in stand allows it to be used at an angle, or it can lie flat
  • Battery-operated
  • Concept originated with a Special Ed teacher

Who It's For

The ATI Spinner is great for families, schools and group homes or residential facilities. Everyone can play–together! Through switch access, even those with limited strength and/or dexterity can play.

Accessory packages for golf, bowling, basketball, soccer, and bingo make it a great tool for providing access to age-appropriate recreation activities. Kids can use it for story telling or playing Simon Says. People in nursing homes enjoy bowling or playing golf against one another.


The All-Turn-It Spinner is manufactured by AbleNet (1995).