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Mount'n Mover
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The Mount’n Mover is commercially available online or through resellers. See more of the components and purchase online on our website


Mount and move things where you want them, when you need it.
Customize it to lock in specific positions.
Use accessible controls to unlock and move it to different positions.
Move your device to transfer, access, get close to a table, or change the tilt angle to see where you’re driving.


  • Solid, secure mounting: safely supports any device up to 15lbs (6.8 kg)
  • Easy-to-use controls: Limited dexterity needed to unlock and move. Requires 1.5 lbs (0.7kg) force to unlock. Hoop unlocks both the shoulder and elbow joints; Paddle unlocks wrist/device joint.
  • One-handed Operation: Press the Hoop and move the arm; or depress the Paddle, release, and rotate the wrist/device.
  • Custom settings: Easily set user-specific lock positions; Joint friction is adjustable.
  • Custom memory positions: Automatically finds your lock positions. 12 memory lock settings per joint, over 1,700 possible combinations!
  • Adjustable tilt: Lock the tilt angle between 0-90 degrees. Easy access lever.
  • Height Adjustability: Choose the post length that’s right for you. Set the height set screw so it always goes to the same spot. Adjust it as needed.
  • Easy Removal: Release the clamp to unlock and remove the mount.
  • Quick Release Plate (QRP): Quickly remove a device, and change from one device to another.
  • Compatible: Mounts to table and floor stands for use in bed or at a desk

Who It's For

The Mount’n Mover offers a means for people to move things where they want it, when they need it. It is a simple, easy to operate mounting and positioning device which is operable using minimal force and dexterity.

People who benefit from the Mount’n Mover:

  • Eye-gaze users who need their device adjusted quickly and easily as their head or body position changes
  • Individuals who can reposition their device independently; or those who need a movable device AND repeatable, consistent positioning
  • Individuals who use multiple devices (i.e. AAC and laptop) and need to switch them easily
  • Anyone who needs multiple functional positions for improved access to equipment, food, drinks and activities


The Mount’n Mover is commercially available online or through resellers. See more of the components and purchase online on our website

Made in the USA!
BlueSky Designs works with manufacturers in the Midwest–Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa to build its custom parts. We assemble the mount in-house, conducting quality checks and testing each one before it leaves our doors. We work with our vendors to make improvements if issues arise. We value their input and expertise.

We aim to provide a high quality product that lasts.


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