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BlueSky Designs’ roots are in Rehab Engineering, where we developed custom solutions for the unique needs and aspirations of individuals. Over time, recurring themes sometimes emerge and lead to the development of commercial products such as the Mount’n Mover, to reach a broader population. In the spirit of customization, we call the Mount’n Mover a “custom solution, out-of-the-box”. You can customize the positioning and attach whatever you want to it!

In the images above, several custom designs are shown.

The Need

Custom solutions are our roots, so when we work with someone to determine what they need, the order is customized to suit the goals of the client. We often serve as a “rehab engineering consultant” as we identify their needs and propose solutions. And when our commercially available components don’t meet their needs, we may propose (and develop) a custom solution.

As we develop new products, we dip into our collective memory banks and recall elements of different unique solutions from our custom one-of-a-kind days. We try out our prototypes with individuals, and often have them try them over an extended period of time to see if they work for a person in their daily lives.

Proposed Solution

The projects described below describe the individual projects in the slide show to the left. Two of the projects are from the early days, and two are customizations of our mounting product.

  • David wanted to be able to use a huge tablet computer via eye gaze; simultaneously DJ and speak with his speech device using only his eyes–and have access to all of that from either his bed or his wheelchair. David fulfilled his dream and was a DJ at a 2013 New Year’s Eve gig. He funded the development through crowd-sourcing, with a KickStarter project. Many of the parts were Mount’n Mover stock components, but the tray was a custom solution.
  • Jordan’s mom customized her son’s Mount’n Mover so he could eat independently. Jordan’s response: “I’m not 2 anymore!”
  • Buzz was a courtroom reporter experiencing shoulder and arm pain. He had an ergonomic chair, but couldn’t make use of it until we developed a mount for his transcription machine. The modification, made of reconfigured and welded drum and cymbal hardware, allowed him to continue working.
  • Nate was experiencing overuse of his shoulders and elbows. He needed a lightweight chair that allowed him to self-propel his wheelchair; allow him to sit at a standard table height; and disassemble easily for lifting it into his car. The wheelchair had a single rear caster for maximum maneuverability. Di designed this for her Master’s project, and was a winner of the RESNA/Easter Seal Student Design competition. Nate used his chair for over 12 years.


Custom Solutions occasionally lead to commercialization of a product such as the Mount’n Mover. A college-bound teenager needed to communicate and use her computer at the same time. This practical request produced a movable mount which became the precursor to the Mount’n Mover product which launched 10 years later.

At this point, BlueSky’s custom work and designs primarily relate to mounting. We are open to discussing your needs, and coming up with solutions.

Contact us with your idea or request.